Arnaud de Coninck

Brussels (Belgium)

Arnaud de Coninck is a family business and family office advisor. He received a masters degree’s from Boston University and eventually earned his spot in the external relations department of Procter & Gamble. After his trainee, he decided it was time for a change of scenery and was appointed as a family business advisor at TrustedFamily (Younited S.A)

Arnaud’s belief is that families can create greater financial as well as non-financial value through increased cohesion between their members.

To accomplish this goal with TrustedFamily, we built a set of solutions which enable families to measure, track and manage towards internal cohesion. At the heart of our approach is a purpose-built, modular and secure online platform.
This, coupled with our family business expertise, equips us to deliver platform based advisory services across communication, education and societal strategies - the three key drivers of cohesion

In addition to advising family shareholders on how to drive cohesion through communication, education and impact investing, Arnaud is a regular contributor to the collaborative consumption quest and a strong believer in impact investment. He has an entrepreneurial mindset and is continuously seeking for new challenges.

Arnaud is someone who enjoy’s learning by experimenting new project ideas. My friends describe me as someone social who cares and enjoys the moment.

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