Arnaud Gervaix

Lausanne, Switzerland

26 years old - Switzerland.

I founded Urban Kombucha, Switzerland's first organic & locally crafted Kombucha Tea brewery.

Prior to that, I have worked in various industries such as tech, web, healthy food, hotel, marketing and communications.

If you can't find me pursuing excellence in the work I accomplish, catch me cooking, rock climbing, slacklining, spending some quality time with my family, rethinking the world with my friends, or simply following my passions !

Still can't reach me ? Try abroad, where I'm probably spending time traveling !

Random facts:

I taught myself to code when I was 13,

I launched a Tech Maintenance service two years later,

I have been catering mouth-watering food to private clients for 8 years.

I’m a disciplined yogi, trail runner, rock climber and overall mountaineer, hardened backpacker and a Kombucha brewer.

Oh, and I can’t taste bitterness (seriously).

  • Education
    • BSc International Hospitality Management
    • Major in Finance and Real Estate