Arnold Lan

Toronto, Ontario.

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I am an anthropology student at the University of Toronto with a passion for people, music theatre, videography/photography, and ultimate frisbee. I believe that beauty lies in the smallest things and enjoy nothing more than a conversation at a cafe with an old friend.

I used to think photography was uncool because why be behind the camera when you can be in front of the camera, that is until I picked up a camera... Ever since then I have been able to see the world in a different way, mundane things became intricacies, the streets that I pass by everyday became landmarks, and the friends that I have become comfortable with suddenly became absolutely beautiful (don't get me wrong, they always were). Photography allows for me to capture and freeze a moment in time, to paint a story, to create a memory, and to share the beauties that I now see with the world.

Being in anthropology, I love people and different cultures so naturally my favourite subject of photography is people. Behind every person there is a story, emotions, feelings, and so many layers of personality that no other photographic subject has. I have not traveled around the world much, but I hope to one day capture laughing faces of everyone around the world for I believe that is one of the most beautiful sights out there.

Also I love poutine.

  • Education
    • University of Toronto