Arpan Bose

“If you can dream it, you can achieve it.” – Zig Ziglar

Founded Gunpoint Technologies as one of India’s first Laser Tag equipment manufacturers and service providers. Currently researching and developing a high grade Laser Tag system which offers a realistic battlefield simulation experience and also constantly exploring new technologies to take the game one notch higher.

Having a deep rooted passion for electronic gadgets and skills in coding I was able to develop a basic backbone for such a Laser Tag technology. Now our company has some of the smartest IITians making its vision a reality.

Being an exAIESEC team leader in marketing and talent management I am keenly interested inbuilding smart marketing strategies and specialize in coming out with WIN-WIN gameplays.

Hobbyist thatI am I find myself busy building something or the other all the time. Some of my creations that I pride myself with are Voice Recognized Household Switching System, Handheld tasers for women safety and GetIt Easy. Get It Easy is online platform where students from any academic institution can connect and buy second hand items from people in the same place. The inspiration came to me frommy own struggle to find books at cheap prices in my first year of IIT Kharagpurso I created a special section for books in the website.

I am differently abled. So my school life, my IIT preparations, my life in IIT has been a struggle but a struggle nevertheless smoothed out by the love and support of countless people I know.Someday I wish to dedicate my knowledge and skills for the betterment ofdifferently abled people or atleast motivate them with my words. Thank You.

  • Work
    • Gunpoint Technologies
  • Education
    • Aerospace Engineer, IIT Kharagpur