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Arphosis Energy Systems are currently looking for funding to CatELab-APS/e3 software further development and marketing. Our pledges: Equities, partner ads, events, free symposiums and our campaign Products. Order, Sponsor, Donate, or Invest via: or on agreement via:

We at Arphosis are Possibilists, therefore also Car drivers with a clean conscience: We know how to Retransform Car exhaust gas waste. And Power Plant, Industrial, and Rural gas waste. Plus all diluted Atmospheric GHG waste.

There are geografical domains of our planet already beyond rescue. But we can't mope around, we must ponder on about the remaining ones on the largest scale...

So we develop "Enairgy" systems aimed at cleaning out Fossil waste gases from the Atmosphere, from Power Plant and Industrial smoke stacks, and from any size or type Vehicle, Vessel or Aircraft exhaust outlets. Cleaning up our act through Recycling, hence Regenerating solid Carbon, gaseous or liquid Hydrocarbon or Alcohol fuels - making new Energy out of "pure" Waste, and out of thin Air. Enairgy Magic! Magic as in Artificial PhotoSynthesis - extracting Carbon from fossil Waste gases and recombining it into various Fuels triggered by nothing more than some electricity (when possible from the Sun), Water, and fitting Catalysts developed in our laboratories.

Just like ourselves, co-workers around the globe will ever more prefer and take pride in working at companies that embrace green thinking and doings, and the market will reward those. Our aim is a paradigm shift by means of furnishing consumers with clean products, thereby evoking popular demand and inducing new markets for those products. Entailing a circular economy inside the frame of growth - growth in terms of a sustainable economy, a resource resilient production, and a corporate and societal responsibility.

The world can't wait for a change in young people's thinking - it takes too long time, time now running out, out into the oceans... So stop bitching up and do what You should know it actually takes for our survival - the survival of our Children, Animals, Oceans, Plants, Cities, Hopes.

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