Arsenic Kandy

Artist, Project Manager, and Designer in the United States

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In Brief:

Digital Artist, Indie Game Developer, Nail Artist, Gamer, Painter, Photographer, Streamer, etc.

Specializes in Concept Art, Environment Design & Character Design.

Interested in commissions & commercial activity.

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Activity & All Links:

@Instagram All Updates

@Twitter Indie Game Promotion, Artwork, Photography, etc.

@Fiverr Digital Artwork Commissions

@Artstation Digital Artwork & Processes

@Pinterest Artwork & Nail Art

@DeviantArt Digital Artwork & Commissions

@Youtube Artwork, Music Mashups & Livestreams of Artwork & Old Gaming

@Twitch Livestreams of Artwork & Old Gaming


More Detail:

A Digital Artist:

I've been an artist my whole life, have a passion for drawing, namely for concept art, sketches, and to find the beauty in hidden places.

Wallpaper, Backgrounds, Anime Drawings, Textures, Dramatic Lighting & Effects, SciFi, Fantasy, etc.

A Nail Artist:

I love doing nail art & design as a hobby. Fighting the battle of constant chipping, I experiment with different styles, techniques, and products.

As a Gamer:

Although I have a rather busy schedule, I plan on streaming &gaming more in the future, to turn the past time into a hobby.