Andrew Hunter

Chelmsford,England,United Kingdom

Andrew Hunter is a self taught traditional/visual/digital based artist,who has been into creating art for nearly 40 years,and first started to draw at the age of 8.He is of both Welsh and English nationality and was originally born in a town called Bridgend, but as of now resides in the county town and city of Chelmsford Essex UK.

Being self taught has its advantages as not only is Andrew skilled in knowing about watercolors,charcoal and pastels,he also took up photography from the age of 15 followed by having art lessons to learn about perspective and horizon levels.

In 1997 after many years of painting/drawing by hand Andrew decided to look at whether he could create art digitally having found out he could use a computer. Today he uses all the skills he acquired through painting/drawing traditionally and combines this with using his own photos and textures ,to create visually striking pieces of art.

When it comes to art,design computers,or photography he is very skilled,knowledgeable and experienced in these fields. Andrew's other area of interest is information technology,web design and web development. With the added fact that he has been using computers since 1997 and into web design since 2001,Andrew went on an IT course in June 2014

and successfully achieved a Level 1 BCS (ECDL) certificate in IT User Skills in areas such as Fundamentals for IT Users,Security for IT Users,Email/Internet.

Feel free to connect with him on places like twitter, linkedin,facebook and so on.