Pate Damsgaard

The webmaster's headache. "Oh my lord, my list is gone from google!!!" or bing, or msn or some of the big search-engines.

We all realize that traffic is the life blood of any on the web effort. Without traffic sales can't be made by you. Internet search engine traffic could be the most dependable way to obtain top quality traffic. Good quality being guests that are looking especially for the merchandise or services you provide.

FFAs or Free For Many links pages are considered poor traffic sources. IE people randomly surfing, hitting whatever looks interesting. Certainly not trying to find anything and most unlikely to purchase anything.

There's however yet another part that FFAs play. Majority submition to FFAs or blasting FFAs creates countless links to your web site. The number of links to your site is element of how google and other search engines rank your site. The more links the larger your standing.

Now this can be a problem. Traditional perception among webmasters, internet entrepreneurs and internet gurus is that way too many FFA links. For extra information, people should have a gander at: homepage. Considered low quality links, can get you banned from search-engines.

Quite simply, the notion is that when google thinks you are attempting to boost your ratings by adding plenty of poor links they will ban you.

Therefore will they? My only answer has to be, "not within my experience."

This is a little history of my internet marketing journy. For the best time I was wasting money on that traffic generating system and this traffic generating e-book. If you believe anything, you will probably fancy to study about remove frames. I was getting a pitance of se traffic and no google traffic. So I decided "So what if I get banned." .. I was not getting google traffic anyway, how could being prohibited hurt me?

I started FFA shooting 3 or more times weekly and do you know what. Google traffic. Maybe not a large amount at all, but google traffic none the less. Not only google iether., bing and numerous others. A reasonable quantity of FFA site traffic.

So what am I saying here? It's easy. No-one knows how google or yahoo or rates site except google, yahoo or The major searc