Pop / Conceptual Artist Adam Daley Wilson

Conceptual Artist, Pop Artist, and Pop Con Artist in California

Pop / Conceptual Artist Adam Daley Wilson

Conceptual Artist, Pop Artist, and Pop Con Artist in California

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About Adam Daley Wilson

March 2016 --- Emerging artist Adam Daley Wilson has sold multiple works to private and corporate collectors since 2014 at prices ranging from $500 to $3,500 . . . .

He is on the cutting edge of Pop / Conceptual / Pop Con Art that directly comments on American culture, society, politics, and media. He began experimenting in these areas --- and coined the term Pop Con Art as a blend of Pop and Conceptual Art to describe this new area and its possibilities --- in early 2011, after 20 years as an abstract painter, sculptor, and photographer . . . .

He is influenced by linguistic conceptualism, post-conceptualism, abstraction, and ready-made stenciling, all of which have a rich art history and intellectual history --- Christopher Wool, Ed Ruscha, Barbara Kruger, Jenny Holzer, and Lawrence Weiner; works of the Cubists, Futurists, and Constructivists; Picasso, Jasper Johns, and Francis Bacon --- many of whom reference all the way back to Duchamp. With profound gratitude to these masters for inspiration, Wilson is committed to experiment and evolve, striving not to just depict words as images, and not to just depict the current zeitgeist, but instead to create works that hold brutally honest mirrors to our culture, society, and politics --- investigating, and recording, the possible truths of who we are, where we are, and, perhaps, why we are . . . .

Collectors have purchased four of his Pop / Pop Con / Conceptual works since 2014, and he has sold works across all mediums to collectors in San Francisco, Washington, Chicago, Denver, Austin, and Los Angeles / Hollywood. He is also a finalist for additional corporate sales pending in 2016 . . . .

Adam Daley Wilson has lived and created in large and small American cities for over 25 years, including San Francisco, Washington, Philadelphia, and now Portland, Maine . . . .

His art is urgent, exciting, and beholden to no one.



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