Lee Baldwin

Lee Baldwin is a visual artist and jazz keyboard stylist in California. In his work since the 1970s, he conceived his approach to 3D art glass design, invented the painting style known as Hard-Edge Impressionism, and coined the term Repainted Photograph.

Quantum Physics - Invented a new subatomic particle, the Baldwino. Invisible and does not react to anything except after a few beers, then only smiles.

Art Glass - during 1973-76, Baldwino pioneered a contemporary design style using methods of theatre scene painters, resulting in unusual three-dimensional (3D) effects in his stained glass window commissions.

Acrylic and Oil Painting - Developed a style of painting he termed Hard-Edge Impressionism, due to the many faceted areas of flat color which together formed the image.

Repainted Photograph - Baldwin coined the term for his digital reimaginings of photographic scenes, chiefly from the California landscape.

The Repainted Photographs section of Baldwin's portfolio provides an overview of digital image interpretations. You can find a cumulative history of new work on his Paintdrop blog.

Besides this portfolio, Baldwin's art glass work is also described and offered for sale on Etsy.

Some of the earlier paintings are described on the Hungry Raven artist website.