Asad Hussain

New Delhi INDIA

Asad’s spectrum of training in various sports and training is vast and tremendous, and he understands body aesthetics better than most. He started as a professional swimmer at a young age of three and since has had a very strong inclination towards fitness and being the best at it! As he grew up, he trained under various coaches and played professional soccer and participated in athletic events. Asad however has not always been the fit guy. Following a serious battle with asthma, Asad had piled on weight during school days, and therefore perfectly understands that training cannot always come easy to everyone, and that each body type is unique with its own limitations and health requirements. Asad lost 20 kilos by extensive cardio and gained healthy 20 kilos back again with intensive weight training, in a time span of two years which completely changed his appearance and body. After closely studying sports and various physical training methods, today Asad understands kinesiology, body mechanics and ergonomics. In his words, “without knowing absolutely everything, one cannot prime himself.” I.e. his inquisitive thinking hassled him to know more about training and body conditioning. Asad has experimented with his body using a variety of different training techniques. From being heavy yet fit to lean and ripped, he has seen himself transform into whatever desired goal. His take on fitness is simple, “train the body, not fool it.” After his studies Asad has worked in corporate organizations only to realize that his passion lay with fitness. He says he loves turning bodies into what the mind desires and nothing can beat that feeling of accomplishment. He also feels that fitness in India is in its infantile stages and he would very much like to change it.

  • Work
    • Director at Intelligent Fitness