Kwame Bediako Asare

Technology Researcher and Drone pilot in Ghana

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Kwame is a Tech enthusiast, typical introverted ardent computer geek like his role model Alisa, and a startup escapee from Ghana who strongly believes Technology teaches you to think more and gadgets do simplify the process of being artistic & creative.

Over the past few years, persistent tech-savviness has developed his keen interest in the transitional, inescapable pace of technological advancements and his great appreciation of novelty and meaningful innovation. Thus, having unlimited access to the wealth of the world’s knowledge today with just a few keystrokes, clicks and taps; he obsessively moves on with modern Technology trends, merges with its developments/updates, naturally keeping him in sync with conceptual ideas and is always willing to expand his knowledge base, largely through self taught.

Taking a course of action which coincides with his ideas, dreams and passion; he seeks to have a satisfying career-future in an environment where he can work with new technologies, have the best opportunities to develop new skills while improving those he already possesses and make full potential use of his abilities, embracing every challenge that comes his way. As such, he has a professional incentive to wholeheartedly acquire relevant tech skills, learn about open technology tools, build the character of an aficionado, and be totally engrossed in disciplines such as: Technology Management & Research, Cybersecurity and Ethical Hacking.

Kwame personally identify himself as a realist, an apolitical visionary, a lateral thinker, a hyperactive cybernaut who considers technology subjects more than a hobby, and tends to highly thinker with gadgetry. His ardour for Fitness also gets him actively engaged in bodybuilding.

After two years of professional practice with a BSc in Construction Technology Management, he exits the local construction industry to join the start-up team of Ghana's premier commercial drone services company, Aeroshutter®. He partly manages Ops at VISEM®, is a Copy Editor for a few local tech-blogs and is currently handling Business Development at Skylens Drones® & GHCars

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