Kwame Bediako Asare

Drone pilot, Programmer, and New media & Tech Researcher in Ghana

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Over the past few years, persistent tech-savviness has developed my keen interest in the transitional, inescapable pace of technological advancements and trends. Having unlimited access to the wealth of the world’s knowledge with just a few keystrokes, clicks and taps today, I constantly equip my knowledge bank with these trends, developments, and updates (in Mobile Technology, New media, Big Data, Cybersecurity, IoT, AR/VR, AI & Machine learning, 3D printing, Robotics, Drones etc.) This actually keeps me in sync with conceptual ideas, naturally makes me identify opportunities best suited for me and respond to them as they materialise.

Taking a course of action which coincides with my ideas, dreams and passions, I have understood my motives and reassessed my aims to work hard towards having a satisfying career. That is; a work-life balance in an environment where I find work more interesting, have the best opportunity to develop new skills while improving those I already possess, work with new technologies and make full potential use of my abilities; embracing every challenge that comes my way.

I strongly believe technology teaches us to think more and that gadgets do simplify the process of being creative. Thus, I solemnly seek to commit myself to something a lot more closer to my heart, build the character of an aficionado, and be totally engrossed in disciplines such as; Industrial Engineering, Technology Management & ICT, and/or Info/Cybersecurity & Ethical Hacking. If possible, I prefer to get to work from absolutely anywhere as long as I have my computer and internet connectivity.

I personally identify myself as an apolitical visionary, a lateral thinker, a hyperactive cybernaut, a natural hacker material who considers technology subjects more than a hobby, and tends to highly thinker with gadgetry. I seek to be an avid world traveller someday and my ardour for Fitness & Wellness also has me actively engaged in bodybuilding.

After 2 years of professional construction practice with a BSc. in Construction Technology & Management, I exited to join the start-up team of Ghana's premier commercial drone company (Aeroshutter) as a Technical officer & Drone pilot. I am currently the CTO of an ecommerce solutions start-up (Adwin Technology), the 'Art & New media Director' for a local record label and an Editor for a tech blog (

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    • Adwin Technology
  • Education
    • Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology