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Welcome to Ascension Inc CO, Colorado Spring's newest and fastest growing marketing consultant. Contracted by one of the nation's largest cable/satellite providers, our company's expertise is within targeted, direct marketing in retail based locations. Our theme of "ascension" and going "straight to the top" makes the level and quality of our work unparalleled in Colorado Springs.

The purpose of our About.Me page is two-fold. We created it 1) to provide information to potential clients and 2) to supply insight for future employees. Whichever you are, we are confident that after reading our autobiography, you will find our energetic, ambitious and entrepreneurial rooted company a breath of fresh air.

Meet John Grimes, founder and CEO of Ascension Inc CO. Tennessee native, former US Navy, and one of the most kind hearted, hardest working people you'll every have the opportunity to meet, let alone work for. With a mission to build his business based off values of the US Navy; commitment, honor and leadership, John leads our company with the poise and charisma of a natural born leader.

He led us to understand the concern and deliberation you'd face when deciding where to outsource or where to accept employment at. He know you would wonder, "Will my brand be represented ethically?" "Will I fit in culturally?" Let us assure you, our team of trained marketing professionals and overall company are great fits for anyone looking for results. Not only are we well educated, but also highly experienced in customer service and sales acquisition. We are fun, result-oriented and the edge you've been missing. We'll make you wonder why you hadn't thought Ascension Inc CO years ago.

With our winning attitudes and the talent of our team, Pike's Peak is the bar we've set for our firm. With expansion plans already set for a new market in 2017, you want to be a part of this upward climb!

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