Ashay Rane

At the University of Texas at Austin since December 2010, I research, develop and maintain PerfExpert. PerfExpert and related tools (MACPO, GPUizer, etc.) are our attempts at making performance tuning of parallel applications as simple as possible.

Prior to joining UT, I worked at as a Performance Engineer. I graduated from Arizona State University in November 2009 after defending my Master's thesis titled, "A Study of the Hybrid Programming Paradigm on Multicore Architectures".

I love writing software that automates tasks --- which would free humans from menial work items and which generally aim to improve efficiency. Over the years, I have developed a deep aversion to bloatware and I try to keep my tools lean. Knowte was conceived with the same idea. Wotter (while at Salesforce) was an attempt at automating test runs and Zeitbild (tracking time over several months) was written to detect behavioral patterns.

Eventually, when the computer gets tired of me, I take a crack at clicking pictures, swimming, hiking, biking and often (pointlessly) pondering on human behavior.