Ashay Chaudhary

An independent consultant specializing in cloud strategy planning and cloud solutions/applications architect with experience in one of the first large-scale cloud computing services – Microsoft's Azure. His expertise in cloud computing includes a deep understanding of Azure's cloud platform, one of the first large-scale, enterprise-class, cloud PaaS/SaaS services that defined cloud computing and started a revolution in IT.

Building on a strong foundation in hardware, operating system kernel, simulation/virtualization, network protocols, web services, database technologies and non-Microsoft programming languages in Microsoft's Windows and Server Platforms divisions, he joined Microsoft's Azure team for his expertise in popular non-Microsoft platforms as a core member of several major initiatives in Azure:

- Multi-platform support (in addition to .Net)
- High availability, scalability, and disaster recovery for mission-critical business applications
- Service business intelligence to improve service quality and streamlined operations
- Redesigning a security component for re-use by other Microsoft product groups migrating to Windows Azure

Ashay has represented Microsoft as a speaker on various topics at large technology conferences, and comfortably communicates with a broad audience ranging from college students to technical architects, mid-level management to C-level executives. He also drove adoption and interoperability of various technologies by partnering with several large multi-national companies in numerous verticals.

Culminating a long career at Microsoft forged with some of the best cloud experts in the world, Ashay has complemented his expertise in cloud platform kernels, orchestration and automation with study and analysis of emerging cloud IaaS/PaaS platforms like Cloud Foundry, Open Stack, Nimbula, Eucalyptus, etc., including private and hybrid cloud deployment models.

Extensive experience, expertise and insights in large enterprise-scale software products/clouds enable Ashay to provide high quality consultancy on cloud computing:

- Executive education and guidance
- Cloud adoption strategies/roadmaps
- IT and developer training
- Architecting mission-critical cloud applications and services
- Architecting non-cloud based SaaS products and services