Ashif Shereef


I believe that soon, this one big family called the human race would ultimately partition into two. And I have already decided which side I would like to belong to. If it is as per today's classifications, i would be vaguely somewhere in between an idealist and a revolutionary. I would like to be with the small set of people who would ultimately crush this morally bankrupt system of capitalist slavery. I would like to be the part of the team that would soon implement quantum algorithms to break every encryption strongholds these people at the NSA has devised to spy on the globe. I would like to be with the guys who lead the people into evolution with their poetry, out of the shackles of pseudo-civilization. Like this, there are thousands of teams I want to be in. Maybe I am being a little too optimistic. But the time about which I am talking about, seems to be so near. I can almost hear the echoes. I can hear the sentences rising up from the recess of the rotting city. I can see those sentences reaching masses and i can see those sentences staying in them. This would be the sequel to that old renaissance that once rose up from the streets of Florence.

If you find me worthy enough to put me into your team of writers, or idealists, or think tanks, I would just be one mail away. Let’s stand together and wake these guys from their blissful, yet ignorant slumber.