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Ashlee Blackwell

Philadelphia, Pa Usa

I am a film and television journalist/essayist who specializes in horror/science fiction with a niche focus on representations of Black women in horror: fans, artists, filmmakers, and characters.

Founder/Managing Editor

Graveyard Shift Sisters

Shock Till You Drop
Black Girl Nerds
Cinema Axis
The Horror Honeys
Dirge Magazine online

"Black Girl (Horror) Nerds Series"
"Graveyard Shift Sisters: In Search of Black Women Horror Directors"

Southwest/Texas Popular & American Culture Associations Conference, February 2013

Panelist - Joss Whedon's "The Cabin in the Woods"
Presentation - Women in Horror Film: Knife in One Hand, Camera in the Other

Geek Girl Con, October 2014

Panelist - Feminist Community Building 101
Panelist - (Not So) Strange Appetites: Women in Horror Fandom

  • Education
    • Master Degree