Ashley Tucci

Maple, ON Canada

Currently, I'm a photography student at Humber College, hoping to make my way into the fashion photography industry. I'm 20 years old living in Maple Ontario and for the people who don't know where in the world that is, I'll make it easier for you...It is where Canada's Wonderland is located! I realized my passion for photography really early in my life, I noticed that taking pictures makes me happy and at ease. To go out shooting can make any bad day into a good one. I know I have a knack for this it's just a matter making sure I put all my effort into it at all times. Like anyone else I have things to work on, like pushing myself to my full potential and breaking out of my shell, and to stop being so shy. I really love photographing people, because I know I work really well with them. Getting them to model for me and asking them is the problem I have, but them moment they step in front of my camera everything falls into place. I can be really hard on myself when my work doesn't turn out how I want it to, but that only makes me want to do better. My dreams are quite simple, to just do what I love most. create images...

  • Education
    • Humber College