Ashley Brooke Cruces

My name is Ashley Cruces & I am a twenty year old workaholic, perfectionist, & lover of clothing.

Enter Utopia was the product of boredom. It was the first Winter Break of my college career & I had nothing to do. No schoolwork, no job, & quite ironically no money either. After gaining some inspiration & watching hours upon hours of YouTube videos I realized that screen printing could be a pretty neat hobby. I began experimenting with techniques & drew up a heapload of designs which eventually narrowed down to become the four original Enter Utopia products.

Almost immediately, Enter Utopia caught the attention of people around the world. Through the utilization of social media platorms as well as through the use of collaborations, Enter Utopia has become a name in itself. Even Marina & the Diamonds has worn Enter Utopia. Next stop? World domination of couse. xx

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