ashley hart

Some might call me a party girl, but I assure you they mean it in the most appropriate way possible. I love throwing parties, and I love going to parties. After leaving a career in marketing, I decided to make a living out of the thing I love most... parties!

What makes me an expert on entertaining? Well, I’m happy you asked. I have a degree in culinary arts; I’ve worked in professional kitchens, planned parties big and small, and most recently launched Fairfield County Connecticut based culinary events company called Book-a-Cook ( From cooking, to hosting, to planning, and attending, I’ve seen it all (or at least a lot) and maybe done it too!

I thought it was about time I put that other degree I have in journalism to good use and share all the tips, tricks, and recipes I’ve picked up along the way. After all, life is too short to throw bad parties! Hopefully some of these easy ideas will help make your next bash a huge success.

Happy Partying!

  • Work
    • Founder Book-a-Cook, LLC
  • Education
    • Indiana University Bloomington