Ashley Weidner

Bradenton, Florida, United States

Highly creative entrepreneur with a brain that never stops. I love taking an idea and turning it into something completely original, which is why I write both fictionally and non-fictionally.

I have very high morals and a heart of gold, truly. This also makes me somewhat different from others and can also make me quite gullible.

I love to be creative and I am very good with detail, organization and streamlining office policies and procedures.

I very much do well with directing others and have mastered every position that I have been in. I love a challenge and I am constantly looking to gain more knowledge and master a new skill, so I am not limited to any job description.


Six years experience in creative writing for marketing campaigns, blogs, articles, website content development, brochures, press releases, commercials, large video scripting and more. One year experience as Marketing Manager and Coordinator for major marketing company. Over five years experience in all areas of Automotive Industry; including: service, sales, internet sales, parts and automotive marketing. Two years in managing medical clinic and over ten years experience in administrative.