Ashley Clouthier

Student in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

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My name is Ashley and that’s what i’ve chosen to let myself be known as, for now. I write to keep my fingers busy, or to keep my mind occupied, or because I have something to say. I write just for something to do. Sometimes, though this has been occurring far more infrequently as of late, I write for the sheer joy of writing.

I come from a small town an hour north of the city I live in now. I am a student at the university here, and an employee at a locally owned pet supply store. I volunteer with a feminist organization on campus, and I am guardian to a 2 year old lionhead rabbit named Biddy. If you were to ask me to compartmentalize my passions and interests neatly enough for them to be understood, I would say my passions include feminism, animal welfare, literature, and compassion for others.

I’m working on studying english and history so I can have two honours degrees and with any luck be accepted into the master’s program of my choice, where I can begin my lifelong solitary ambition and most prolonged daydream of writing for my livelihood. Writing my way through programs. Writing my way into the journals and online records. Writing until I’ve proved to enough people that I can write, and then I can take a step back from writing for academic achievement, and write for myself.

A friend once told me if you’ve ever sold a piece of your writing and used the cheque to pay the electricity bill, you can call yourself a real writer. This is the dream I hold nearest to my heart. I protect it. It’s so small and fragile I doubt anyone will see its preciousness as anything more than insignificance. People ask what I’m going to do with my education. I tell them I’m not sure, because I don’t believe they’ll understand why I work so hard to get to a place so small. People often ask if I’m going to be a teacher with my English degree. Sometimes I lie and tell them yes, because that’s easier than trying to explain my reality.