Ashley Crager

Student in Martin, Kentucky

Hi, my name is Ashley Crager. I'm 20 years old and a senior at Morehead State. I'll be graduating this December with a Bachelor's degree in Middle Grades Education with content areas of English and Science.

In my spare time I enjoy reading and music, lots of music. I've recently started learning how to play the mandolin and I collect vinyl records. I also use zero social media, it's something that I believe is toxic to society but that's a whole story in its self. Which is why I couldn't find a single "selfie" to post here, only pictures I had were of my dog, concerts, and scenery. So I just googled that one. You could say I'm semi-old fashion (but I will never give up Apple Music... ever). I enjoy going to junk stores, traveling, hiking, and kayaking.

My profession goals are to become a teacher after graduating with my degree. Although I do not incorporate social media in my daily life, I plan to do so in my professional life. I believe that it's important to give students the skills they need to participate in a 21 Century economy, and I have no intentions of allowing my personal beliefs to interfere with that.

Since my only social media platforms will be professional, I hope this class will help me learn how to keep them that way. My profession will also make it extremely important. Parents won't want their children learning English from someone who can't execute it well online. Also, teachers get in trouble or even fired over ridiculous things all the time, so having more information on a professional online appearance is just extra job insurance.

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