Ashley Feild

cosmetologist and Hair Stylist in Fort Worth, Texas

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About me??

Ashley Feild isnt my birth name, if we r close friends youll know why. I'm 14 + I go by she/her and I like boys and girls (I'm not really interested in dating anyone pls don't hit on me unless ur kidding) I attend Steele ahs. Haha seeing 20/20!!!!111 (cringe)

I do not talk to or associate with homophobes, transphobes, racists, misandrists/radical feminists, or general human scum.

I love steven universe, tyler the creator, marina and the diamonds, edgy memes, death and dying, classic movies and music with no words

Also some cool people whose asses I wanna fuckare keberlyn, ashley, michelle, lauren, axel, kayla, megan, summer, lee, lexi, ellie, and of course, the rest of my mutuals that i dont interact with often ♡

My accounts:

Snapchat: gayvirgo

Kik: serk3t

Main instagram: @gorillash

Tumblr: ashleyfeild

Skype: very-terezi

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