Ashley Kornacki

Virtual Confidence & Fitness Coach and Group Fitness Instructor in Tampa, Florida

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As a 30 year old woman, its crazy for me to realize I met myself when I was 28. I spent the first 28 years of my life scared, unsure, hesitant and sad. I may have been smiling on the outside but inside I felt like a bit of a jellyfish. I wasn't raised to be strong, bold and happy, I was raised in an uneasy and uncontrollable environment. Being raised by parents who suffered from addiction, among other things, I found myself suffering from an eating disorder for over a decade. I was broken inside and wanted nothing more to feel whole. Fast forward to 2010, a huge shift in my life put me in front of a mirror, and I didn't know who I was. I found a fitness class that helped me work through stress, but more importantly it helped me feel alive for the first time I could remember. I began to surround myself with positive people and adopt positive habits in nutrition. It wasn't easy, it wasn't pretty, and it wasn't without facing ugly truths and pain that I holding onto, but counseling and self reflection led me to be significantly stronger. Soon, I was finding myself strong enough to be vulnerable, strong enough to lend myself and my support to others that needed it. Now, I am extremely passionate about helping others find their strength in confidence, educating myself and others on nutrition and fitness, supporting others through eating disorder recovery and learning to lead their lives unapologetically and fearlessly as they are. Its hard to place what I do in a job title "Fitness Coach", "Nutrition Coach", "Fitness Instructor" because it leaves out the most important aspects of someones life I want to touch…it seems more fitting to be called a "Confidence Coach" or a "Professional Friend". This page is intended for me to help reach people who need support and strength. As a coach, it is my job to be your smile when you aren't smiling, to be your belief in yourself when you aren't ready to yet, to be your trust when you feel stuck, and to be your strength while you grow yours. The strongest version of you starts with self acceptance and living life fearlessly and unapologetically as you are.