Ashley Trinh

Toronto, ON, Canada

But in the meantime, my little bucketlist of things to do before I graduate (in no particular order) :

- Learn to or at least try to paddleboard ✓ and surf

- Ride a mechnical bull

- Be a Globetrotter! Or at least travel to Australia (and complete the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb) and every other continent (this one may take a bit more time)

- Work for my one of my favourite sports teams ✓ TBJ! #LoveThisTeam

- Be able to hit a golfball a respectable distance or able to hit the cart picking up the balls at the range ( a.k.a. conquer fear that stems from accidentally being hit in the head with a golf club as a child...)

- Complete Tough Mudder (Completed Aug 17 2014) ✓

- Ride a camel and an elephant!

- Have a conversation with a stranger on the TTC ✓ We talked about was weird

- Drive a zamboni

- Do the EdgeWalk with my fear of heights ... ✓

- See the Maple Leafs bring home the Cup!


Feel free to let me know if you think there is something I should add.