Ashling Cullen

South East London

Hello and welcome fellow tweeter (if that's how you found me @HealthTherapist).

I'm Ashling and I run Body Health – Massage and Therapies.

As my twitter bio mentions I love to work with those who suffer from stress, back pain, headaches and migraines but I treat many other conditions including sciatica, anxiety and depression too. I'm also very pro back pain prevention as it's much better than the cure and I also promote good mental health, preventing stress before it becomes a serious issue. I practice in Wigmore Street in the heart of London.

I love twitter and use it to chat to people, you can have all sorts of random conversations on it and you can ask a question and someone will know the answer. I like to tweet about the benefits of my therapies, hints & tips on good health and special offers, also I'm happy to RT information that I think is useful or funny (love a good giggle).

I'm also a supporter of Breakthrough Breast Cancer and am spreading the word on the TLC Touch, Look & Check campaign. 1000 women die every month in the UK from breast cancer. For more info see here

Things I love:

Afternoon Tea – unfortunately I have failed my New Year's Resolution to partake in this wonderful experience at least once a month and need to make up for it.

The TDF: In July you'll see a lot of cycling type tweets relating to the Tour de France actually, this can also apply to the Vuelta and Tour of Britain, which immediately follow the TDF.

The Vulcan – wow such a beautiful aircraft, love @XH558

Concorde – Much missed.

Baking cakes – so relaxing.

What I'm not into is those judging type shows that seem to fill the tv schedules these days, I prefer to watch real actors!

If you want to know more about my work and book an appointment then go to my web site where you can find information on my therapies and read my blog posts. Also you can find me on Facebook: