Ashlyn Behm

Artist in Michigan

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Hello! many of you have probably come from my instagram page @Alley_._cat and hopefully aren't an creepy old man (or woman) planning on kid napping me or something similar.

I joined instagram when i was in 5th grade and still continue to use it today (obviously).

I love animals of all parts of the animal kingdom, from the cute fluffy kitten all the way to the creepy crawly spiders.

I'm full of random facts which make me appear smarter than i actually am (I'm barley keeping up with my grades and skimming the bottom of the pond with B's and a F). this is mostly because i have a hard time paying attention in class, not because I'm to busy talking to other students but quit the see i have Social Anxiety making friends is quit difficult when you have anxiety...

that go darker than I intended to...MOVING ON!

Art has always been a passion of mine since i could hold I pencil, but i only took it seriously since I started instagram.