Ashley Codner

I am finding it difficult to give a brief summary of who I am. I'm Ashley, that's a definite so far(obviously lol). But I am also a teenager, and I really have no clue who I am yet(I don't think I realized this fully until this here textbox popped up and I was forced to come up with an answer for the age-old pickup line, "Tell me about yourself.") From my thinking right now, at this moment, I imagine this textbox will change, hopefully even grow a little. So with keeping that in mind, I will add a date to the end of this bio.

I play soccer, I have friends, and I absolutely adore reading and poetry. Though I do think that even better than reading is the discussions and ideas that can be formed as the result of it. Hopefully these hobbies, and these friends, and these connections I have formed will get me somewhere along the way down my life...2/10/15, 8/25/15

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    • High School