Askara Voom

SecondLife (Sim Becrux)

I am a fashion blogger in Second Life and totally enjoy what i'm doing.

I started blogging in February 2011 and its going on!! lol

You can find me in Second Life at live music shows or at awesome sims where i take my pictures, if you want to know anything about me, just send me a message, i usually dont bite :)

If you are a Second Life designer and want me to blog your fashion, poses, skin, hair or what ever you are creating. Contact me, send me an IM if i'm online or a notecard if i'm offline. Or you send me your stuff, if you do please put in a notecard with a Landmark and a short text about you and your store.

Oh and before i forget, i'm from Germany, english is not my native language, i apologize if i ever wright something wrong. And if you speak german, feel free to contact me in german ;)

Hope to hear from you inworld.


Askara 'Voomy' Voom

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