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a Malaysian blogger/writer and translator. Bred in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, coming from a Malay family with touch of Thai. My childhood driven by Saudi culture through Saudi's elite religious school, as I lived there with my family for 19 years before coming back home and resident in KL back in 2000. My lifestyle since then being mixed of those two cultures; holding on my childhood memories meanwhile trying to fit in the Malaysian culture, and understanding Malaysia’s lifestyle and Politics .

Thus; my fisrt blog “asma's World” started early 2007, I was telling stories of that young Asian girl who has been mistaken in her school as Indonesian or Filipino, giving the fact Middle East –or Saudi at least– know nothing about Malaysia 20 or 25 years ago, till the famous Malaysia's prime minister Tun Mahathir Mohamad put it on the map. I, then tried to shorten the gap between these two countriess by writing about Malaysia’s diverse cultures and ethnics. Showed –in Arabic– how beautifully gifted this country in all its aspects; nature, social life, economy and politics.

Living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for 17 years now, and driven by the love to my homeland, I started writing again in my new blog "مُسودّة" which means: notes or draft. Continue writing about what matters to life from my point-of-view, besides completing my original project (to-be-a book) with the title: "عزيزي أمبيرتو" series of letters to "Amberto". Above all, I will be telling stories of the lady who lives between her own city, the beach and destinations visited along the journey of life. While, smile and nod, each time mistakenly been asked: "you sound Filipino? oh! you don’t look Malay".

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