Andrew "Supermario101" Miller

Student, collector, and Gamer in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Andrew Miller, also known as "Supermario101" from fans, is a 12 year old Youtuber born in Philadelphia, PA. He is a small YouTuber with only 6 subscribers and very few views. He has a second channel called "SuperLuigi101"

Andrew has most social media sites including Youtube and Facebook. He has made tons of friends on YouTube including "SpyroKing", "Aiden Miranda", "Chinese5spice", and "TONEBONE267"

During his free time, Andrew enjoys playing on devices from Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, and Mobile. He enjoys most genres of music, Eminem being his favorite artist/musician of all time. He keeps up to all the new songs, games, and viral videos everybody else is listening too. His favorite games are "Minecraft", "Mortal Kombat", and the "Batman Arkham" series