Aspen Gelski

Greeley, CO

There are many jobs that have their hidden perks. As a barista, mine is hearing stories.

You get people who are on their way to work, on their way to the airport, on their way to a job interview, etc.

As much as I should ask their name, I never do. Even the regulars. Somewhere it became a game of learning everything I can about them without knowing their name. It’s not that I don’t have a relationship with them or an interest in them. I really do. I notice when their gone and try my hardest to remember every detail about their ‘perfect’ macchiato.

What I realized is that I know all about these people. Everything from their kids, to their boss, their bad days, and their dating life. But I don’t know their name. I don’t put too much pressure into learning everyone’s name, because a person isn’t identified by their name, they are defined by their experiences, reputation, and stories.

Just like brands.

What is Coca-Cola without the story behind it, or the product it represents? What is the name, ‘StarWars’ without all of its supporting material?

All of these names sound so odd standing alone without their back-story.

I would dare say that a name doesn't add value without a story behind it. And that is where branding and storytelling are most important. How do you bridge the gap between what you want to be and how you are perceived?

Telling stories can be away to bridge that gap.

From my professional experience as an apparel and accessories brand merchandiser, marketing student, and utilizing social media to create my own personal brand, I can help you create your brand and your brand story.

Need help creating your brand through social media marketing? Feel free to email me any questions you may have.