Asra Zahn

Asra Zahn

No more preparing to try and live right. This is it. Art, Education, caring for the Earth, and training the mind through spiritual practice, that is how I gratefully pass the time and what I am happy to share with you.

Please contact me if you would like an art lesson, an astrology reading or a life coaching session (or all three combined). We could meet once, cyclically, or even weekly to support you in gaining a fuller understanding of the universal archetypes at work in your life and how to live in right relationship with them.

You do not need to be ill, or even stressed out, to need healing. Healing is not about overcoming confusion about who we are; it is surrendering who we think we are and discovering how life is right here, right now, learning ways of being ok with that. That's why meeting with someone you trust can help. I enjoy incorporating visual art, writing, drama, and mindfulness practices into my work, but of course it's your choice. When you contact me, we can customize an approach that works for you. It's your time.

Born and raised in the Monadnock region of southern NH, I am a self-taught artist, musician and writer. A trained Waldorf High School Art Teacher and Masters Level Mental Health Counselor, I have experience working with adolescents, adults with developmental disabilities, drug addictions, and severe psychological challenges. I offer individual and group support for anyone wishing to heal themselves and align themselves with their true nature.

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