Alison Starr

Dallas, Texas

I am an interdisciplinary artist and professor residing in Dallas, Texas. Human nature/behavior, interactions, and private thoughts inspire her work; some of which is autobiographical. My current body of work includes writing and performing both live and in video presentations as well as other time based work involving sound installation. I have exhibited widely in Michigan, New York, and throughout Texas. Internationally, I have presented work in Cyprus as well as Portobelo, Panama where I was awarded a fellowship at the Taller Portobelo Norte Interdisciplinary Art Colony where I staged several performances of my work, in collaboration with local artists and fellow TPN residents. I am the co-founder of PerformanceSW, a project in support of the proliferation of performance art outside of the American mainstream discourse as well as a contributing member of (wo)manorial, a collective of artists, writers, and thinkers who contemplate the ever-changing concept of the feminine.

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  • Work
    • Lecturer and Intrdisciplinary Artist
  • Education
    • MFA in Intermedia Studio