Atakan Aydınlıoğlu

Atakan Aydinlioglu resides in Istanbul and graduated two university. He is still studying for third degree in the university. He has worked sales, marketing and purchasing department in some international company in his country. At the Moment, He is working in sales deparment one of the biggest maritime company. He has a dream about his life but he is still trying to find his goal in the world.

''You will marketing or sell your product even no idea about product.'' He always aganist this sentence! because He believes, It's a magician work for him. He has a better solution for it. He has a circle for this; Learn - Make a Practise - Do it As Usual - Become a Legend - Teach

He is keen on travelling around the world even who has never been another continent except europe. He stayed England nearly a year , went to interrail(Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Holland) and visited Greece(2 times), Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Georgia n Scotland. Next Holiday, He will definitely be on another continent. Probably; Thailand, Brazil or Morocco....

He is;

Passionate & Dedicated for his goal,

Enjoyable like a clown,

Researcher on the internet,

Member for his team,

Easygoing for his friends,

Open Minded %99 even he has % 1 part conservative!

Emotional sometimes like a girl,

Lover for just one person even she doesn't know his worth!

Cheerful, Funny & Amiable for everyone