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The Bahamas

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Hi and welcome to My Best Life!

I am an island girl born, raised and living in the beautiful archipelago called The Bahamas - rumored to be the place where God rested on the seventh day - where I work from home in online marketing. Both of my parents and most of my family hail from the most beautiful chain of islands and cays in the world called Great and Little Exuma. Our people are warm and friendly, our local cuisine is an aficionado's delight, our attractions and art work are second to none, and our relaxing island vacation experiences are the envy of the world!

My professional background includes hospitality, law, corporate restructuring and compliance, anti-money laundering, crime and fraud prevention. When I’m not working on my blogs or online business interests, I like to spend time with my family especially my mom, reading, meeting interesting people and writing about what people can do to make better food choices for a happier, healthier, fitter lifestyle.

Recently, I started a new blog called “My Best Life” and fan page called “TRIMdown Bahamas” both of which offer lots of insight into the food types that are best for our alkaline bodies. Also included are weight loss, exercise and motivational tips, life transformation success stories and resources, as well as things to do in and around the islands of Exuma in particular and The Bahamas generally, and so much more.

I love my life, being happy, sharing what I know and have, as well as helping others achieve their goals to be successful! Come to The Bahamas via i-phone, i-Pad or laptop and connect with me today! I promise it is going to be lots of fun, and that you will have a very entertaining and rewarding experience. I look forward to seeing you on my blogs and fan page, as well as sharing new experiences and opportunities for a happier, healthier, greater you!

As we say here in The Bahamas, see ya lay-tah!

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