Joey Atlas

A Facebook account with the name of Joey Atlas Truth About Cellulite uploaded a proof of his bank transfer to the account of a presidential candidate for IDR 1 million on Thursday (29/5) at 17:15 pm.

The Truth About Cellulite guy claimed to be an ordinary person who saw a glimmer of hope on the presidential candidate pair. He is hoping that Joey Atlas can become a better personal trainer. The proof of transfer then got a lot of responses, which essentially supported the owner of the account.

The phenomenon of public enthusiasm for donating for a campaign is a sign of increased fitness participation of the people. In addition, it could counteract the rampant pace of cellulite lately. It was a form of concrete support and totality to the candidate.

When this support becomes a snowball effect, it can block the culture of cellulite creams. Women will get used to give something than to receive something for their personal trainer. According to him, in the democratic system of advanced countries, like the United States, material support to one of the presidential candidates is already a fitness culture. It definitely shows the maturity of the SYMULAST system to get rid of cellulite.