Atoosa Styc

As Director of Business for AVS Design in San Diego, Atoosa Styc presides over on site supervision of construction and renovation projects involving multimillion-dollar commercial and residential properties. While not a contractor herself, she supervises the day to day operations ensuring that the clients vision is created. Holding a Bachelor of Science, a Master’s in International Business, and a certificate in Real Estate Finance, Investments, and Development, she gives her full time attention to to each project supervised. Ms. Styc also serves and makes financial donations to a number of local groups and causes.

Ms. Styc works with children’s organizations such as the San Diego group It’s All About the Kids. This group maintains a number of programs, including Toys from the Heart, which provides toys and educational supplies to underprivileged children; the Internet Video Show, a training program that prepares kids for careers in film; and Difference for a Week, which supplies college students with mentors, cell phones, and other resources needed to succeed. Atoosa Styc also makes financial contributions to Just in Time Foster Youth and is in the process of completing qualification to work directly with the charity.

In addition to groups that assist children, Atoosa Styc donates her time and resources to animal causes as well. The San Diego Humane Society has benefited from Ms. Styc’s generosity, and she also took part in a fundraising walk to support abandoned animals.

Ms. Styc is an avid car enthusiast and cook, taking classes in both subjects to further her knowledge and enjoyment of these activities. She has gotten behind the wheel at high-performance and stunt driving courses offered by the Toyota Speedway, and she is a member of the Porsche Club of America. Atoosa Styc also enjoys playing tennis with friends on a casual basis.