My name is Yolette M. Saintiny, Esq. I am the Owner and Director of "At Your Side (General & Senior) Concierge Services". I am a New York State Barred Attorney with a wide array of experience advocating for persons with diverse mental and physical disabilities.

My tenure as a senior attorney with Mental Hygiene Legal Service, has given me the opportunity to represent clients on multiple subject matters, including guardianship.

In furtherance of their representation, I have become skilled in Residential placement issues facing elderly, physically impaired and psychologically incapacitated persons.

I am a "hands-on" advocate and believe in a holistic approach to client communication. Upon entrusting my company with the care of your loved one, I undertake the fiduciary duty to protect their interests and welfare on all non-medical matters, as per your requests.

When faced with a difficult life decision regarding the care of an elderly parent, ill relative or friend - Contact me and let's discuss the options available to ensure their retention and care in the familiar settings of a loving home, if practicable.