Aubrey Jenkins

Los Angeles, Ca.

I am a creator of change. An "outside-the-box" thinker (the box is too small).

I'm a risk taker who wears many hats and thrives in diversity. I LOVE change.

As a seasoned leader in the health and wellness environment, I see companies challenged by complexity as they work towards developing new strategies and products (or programs) that are in high demand. My contribution to their endeavor is the union of my experience in a challenging start-up business culture and my unquestionable skill in MAKING THINGS HAPPEN.

My ideas are BIG. I think on a LARGE SCALE and I love to WIN. I want to work on the most significant projects. I have an absolute passion for innovation. Focused and driven toward opportunity and advancement.

My passion for Bariatric Medicine comes from growing up with an obese mother and later supporting her throughout her journey towards a healthy life. I'm happy to report that today my mother is a healthy weight, loves her life, and is a well known, highly respected name in the weight management industry.

The driving force to my enthusiastic determination is 150% attributable to my desire for quality of life. THINGS do NOT matter to me, EXPERIENCES do. My goals are substantial. I will not quit until I have achieved serving patients who are committed to achieving a healthy life, and showing our daughter the WORLD.

  • Work
    • Entrepreneur
  • Education
    • No "degree" in the literal sense. Master's "degree" in experience.