Simon Young

Auckland, New Zealand

A thought leader in the online communications space since 2001

Principal, Global Relations at syENGAGE

Coauthor of Social Media MBA

An experienced and respected journalist, published in the New Zealand Herald, NZ Marketing Magazine, Idealog, iStart, NZ NetGuide, and many custom publications.

A sought-after public speaker who for 6 years has introduced communicators and marketers to the world of social media. He’s spoken and presented in Sydney, Shanghai, Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin... and Rotorua.

Presenter at University of Auckland Short Courses

A public commentator on technology and social trends, sought after and quoted as an expert by the media (for example, TV3 and the New Zealand Herald)

A business owner who has been at the forefront of emerging business trends

A hell of a nice guy who many people turn to for advice and direction

I am insanely curious. I love to find out new stuff, meet new people and hear their stories. It’s a neverending journey, and I enjoy every step of the way.

I’ve been in business for a decade, and I’ve discovered that life is too short to be just about business. I like to know the people I work with, as people. That’s why I’m so privileged to work with the syENGAGE team. We love to achieve results for clients, we love to learn, and we love to enjoy life.

5th-generation New Zealander descended from Scots, Irish, English and German ancestors

Speaks English, Samoan, and is learning Mandarin Chinese.

Reads philosophy and history for fun.

Feels really comfortable with iPhone in hand

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