Audras Nixon

Born September 26, 1965, the last of six children of Andras and Frances Nixon. I was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. I started playing the Saxophone in the seventh grade after trying the clarinet and trumpet with little to no success. I played in my high school marching band for 4 years. My most enjoyable experience was playing for my church , Greater Emanuel Apostolic Temple, Cincinnati , Ohio. I played there as part of the Church Band. In 1996 I moved to Louisville, Kentucky, that is when things started to change. I was still playing the Saxophone, but no longer as part of a horn section. I was now playing solo. If I had to choose what I feel sparked my opportunity as a soloist, it would be when the church I was attending had a Men's Day service and there was a visiting church. I played a solo "My Soul is Anchored" Everyone enjoyed it. The Director of Worship from the visiting church asked me to play at their church. From there the doors just started opening for me. I began playing at several churches. I took on engagements such as banquets, weddings, receptions, and parties. God's annointing is on me to minister to people through my sax and I give him all the Glory and Praise. I have four wonderful children and am married to the love of my life (Patricia). My wife is my biggest supporter. My desire is to continue to be a blessing to those who hear me play locally, nationally and even worldwide through live performances, CD's, DVD's and the internet.