Audrey Evans

New York City, New York

Librarians are stewards of knowledge and culture. We are also conduits of community, human nodes of empowerment inside and outside of institutions, and facilitators of free expression and creativity in society. We are above all concerned with protecting and advocating for the public interest.

I'm most interested in bringing my unique perspective as a librarian, storyteller, and community leader to new venues. In the past, I've found myself as the resident librarian of a backyard story salon, a dance troupe, multiple forests, countless film sets, a street protest or two, a start-up, a nonprofit, most bars/bookstores/public parks in New York City, every dance party, a roller skating rink, a shuffleboard court, and several parades.

My professional interests coalesce around intellectual freedom issues, privacy, freedom of expression, censorship, press freedom, and cultivating the public domain and our cultural commons.

I'm hoping to find collaborative opportunities to improve society, foster discourse, and shape the future of knowledge creation, creativity, and innovation.