Audrey Rouyre


I am a young student in the final year of BA in Management and Strategy in Montpellier. I hope to have my license to continue my studies in consulting.

« Une expérience bien conçue et bien conduite procure un plaisircomparable à celui qu’éprouve un artisan devant un travail bien fait » -PierreJoliot

This sentence can define me because I'm a young womanwho is involved in his work. Work well done is something that concerns me. Forexample, when I learn a dance class, I get involved with all my strength to beable to properly execute the choreography. Dance teaches me to be rigorous andserious in my learning.

In addition, during my few professional experiences, Ihave be able to show that I was organized. I think good work requires good organization,because if we are messy, you can quickly scatter and therefore do not do whatis asked.

Sometimes organization can be viewed as a waste of timeor load but for me it represents an opportunity: the chance to make a job welldone.

My desire to make what I was asked the best possibleway is that I am motivated by the recognition of sensation once the work isfinished. I think my motivation comes from the fact that when I start to dosomething, I do it completely.

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