Audrey Guinchard

University of Essex

Dr Audrey Guinchard joined the University of Essex in October 2000. Founder of the double degree LLB English and French Laws with Master 1/Maîtrise delivered today in partnership with the Universities of Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense, Jean Moulin Lyon 3 and Toulouse 1, she is its co-director with two other colleagues, and soon a third person.

While bringing a comparative perspective to bear on different issues, her current research focuses on how criminal law is affected by new technologies, notably in relation to the virtual worlds such as Second Life.

She also developed a research on comparative law of the persons, focusing on regulations related to the name and identity of the person, in France, England, Scotland, and the United States.

Finally, she has explored issues related to financial authorities in England and the concept of crime (and criminal charge with Article 6 ECtHR). This research followed on her PhD that focused on « Les enjeux du pouvoir de répression en matière pénale. Du modèle judiciaire à l'attraction d'un système unitaire » (The power to impose penalties in criminal matters. From the judiciary model towards a unitary criminal justice system). It involved not only criminal law, but also human rights, constitutional, commercial and administrative laws in France and at European level.

  • Education
    • Licence en droit, Maitrise (M1), DEA (LLM), PhD (Université Lyon 3)