Audrey Ricaud

I am at my last semester as Bcom management student of Curtin University. I started to work in the insurance sector since 19 years in a Health & Travel Department and specialised myself in claims throughout internal training such introduction of insurance practice, in-house experience and customer service. Positive mindset, I always build good relationships will all colleagues and peers. Well organized and structured, I always meet deadline. Moreover, I keep my calm in all circumstances which is an essential asset for me in managing pressure, stressful situation and to re-adapt easily in touch situation. When my manager offered me to manage exclusively an international company’s medical portfolios, it was just an opportunity to get in touch with an international business. Since my four experiences working directly with this insurance company, I developed a passion that is providing solutions for people who need assistance. I nurtured the goal of the company in providing customers with a peace of mind during their annual course of policy insurance with us. Encouraged by the head of operations of the company, I started a certificate IV in Frontline management which I enjoyed so much that since then I have not only obtained a certificate but also a diploma in management and looking forward to do Master in International Business after my Bcom managementToday, I can assume myself throughout the know-how that I acquired during these last years working with an international organization and throughout my studies and to take new challenges. I can deliver excellent customer services to each client, empathy with them and guide them during difficult period of their life due to an unforeseen health event, provide solutions to their medical problems and enhance their knowledge on how to manage their insurance cover efficiently. I can disseminate this passion for customers across the board and capture the attention of my colleagues and peers on the importance of customer service.I do have another passion which is my husband and children, they are the pillar of my well balanced life. Having quality time with my family allows me to decompress with all the stress at work and the studies I had to manage with.Keeping every savor moments with them, my life is less stressful and allows me to be ready to take every daily challenge of my work and studies. So far, my dream is to specialist in centric communication to perform in the insurance industry.