Aurelie Debrusse


I have a Bachelor degree in Media Planning as well as a Master’s degree in Brand Strategy. I am currently preparing an additional Master's degree in Digital Marketing and Social Media at Sup de Pub in London.

It is a very enjoyable experience to complete part of my studies in a place like London. Discovering the city and living in immersion among other cultures is so rewarding! I am keen on experimenting new things and I especially try to learn more and more every day. I like to be well-informed, to interact with people, to share content and to reinvent myself.

My internship within a media agency was a revelation to me. I liked to work in the commercial department where I had to build media strategies and to be more innovative with every issue. I am open to opportunities, thus I would be enthusiastic about an internship in a digital agency to put in practice the skills that I had learnt at school this year.

Curious, organized and determined, I look forward to being part of a hard-working and enriching environment in order to implement my abilities and to grow my skills.