Aurelie Racine Ho

Hong Kong

I’m an entrepreneur and a lucky mum of a 2 years old baby girl.

This year 2015 my team and I are developing a unique platform to connect French speaking professionals together and foster employment & life opportunities. Have a look here
If you speak French reach out to me at or on social media to share with me your current projects.

This year – besides actively sourcing remarkable individuals all over the globe – I will develop content for expats and those who wish to live and work abroad on our blog Frenchgrad diaries.

If you’re curious about what I’ve done prior to Frenchgrad, here is a sum up: I’ve worked in different industries in HR, in France & Hong Kong for companies such as Editialis and the French Chamber of Commerce, met amazing people there and developed my network.
I've studied in London and got a BA in business management.

I had an idea – or rather a concept – in a corner of my head for a couple of years.

The thing is, I've seen so many people relying on job boards or other solutions that barely work and struggle to boost their career. Amazing people.

And in other hands, recruiting companies are also frustrated and don't have any alternatives to turn to apart from those old-fashioned/ineffective/expensive solutions.

When I moved back to France after 3 incredible years in Hong Kong, it was the perfect timing to start Frenchgrad.

Life is full of amazing opportunities. Remember, your career is your life: stop dreaming about it and start living it.

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