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Auriel Najera

My name is Auriel Damieta Najera, I'm about o be 18 on September 4th. I'm a senior in high school. My parents are Cyndi and Carlos Najera. I have a brother, Dustin he's 12, and a sister, Schylar she's 15. I'm a cheerleader at SHS, I love to hang out with my best friend, Joy, we do everything together. My hero is my mom(: She has been though alot in the past four years and yet she does everything in her power to make my dad, sister, brother, and myself. She's the best.

Favorites Past Time: When I was about seven my grandma adnd I would go to Sonic and just sit there and talk about our days, eat and just have a good time. I miss my grandma.

Likes: Facebook, Friends, Food, Hanging out, Spend time with my family, and Juat having fun.

Dislikes: Liars, Cheaters, Backstabbers, Ignorance, and most of all disrespect.

Most Exciting Event in My Life: Being regional Champs my Freshmen year of high school.

Pet Peeves: Liars, Cheaters, Backstabbers, Ignorance, and most of all disrespect.

Short-Term Goal: Finish high school along with tech. Long-Term: Go to college after I finish my short-term goal, get my basics doen and continue with college and become a RN. Hoefully, I will get married and have a successful life with my husban and children (2) (: